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Can you freeze water using cheaper flashes?

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by October 12, 2012 Home, Uncategorized

To freeze water and other liquids using studio flash, you would need a very short duration of the flash.  And of course, it’s believed that for best results, you would need high-end brands such as Broncolor or Profoto.  But can you achieve the same best results with a lower-priced flash such as an Einstein?  Well, photographer Jarek Wieczorkiewicz proved that yes it was possible.  To give you an idea on the differences of the lights, while Broncolor and Profoto both have stronger power outputs compared to the Einstein, the Einstein has the fastest flash duration, lightest weight, and cheapest price, which tells you why Jarek likes his Einsteins.  There’s a video that shows him using his Einsteins to make really awesome liquid freezing photographs (the video is not safe for work, so kids, please don’t watch this alone, and for adults, don’t watch it while at work either), and pretty much tells you you don’t need any super expensive lights to achieve great results.

Via Strobist.


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