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Looking for Canadian stock photos?

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by October 14, 2012 Home, Uncategorized

In case you’re looking for stock photos of Canada, check out All Canada Photos.  The website boasts of “the best of the best in Canadian photography”, having 20 million images that are both royalty free and rights managed, and come from partner agencies and photographers.  And they don’t have just Canadian photos; they have from all parts of the world too.  The website guarantees quality print reproduction and that pricing is customized for every customer, so yes, you can actually negotiate.  Searching the website for images is easy: there’s a search bar.  Payment can be done by credit card or via registration on the website.  And if you have any questions, you’re encouraged to contact them by e-mail or by calling and looking for an Image Research Representative.  If you do get around to calling or e-mailing them, and you just happen to be a photographer interested in trying stock photography, try asking how to be classified as one of “Canada’s finest photographers” and being able to submit your photos to them.  Hmm, that’s something I can actually try doing…


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