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One Photobomb You’d Want!

Be First!
by October 25, 2012 Home, Uncategorized

Now this is something you don’t see everyday.  Prime Minister Stephen Harper made an unplanned appearance during a wedding in Ottawa over the weekend and posed with a very happy bride and groom in Rockliffe Park.  The photographer of the wedding, Laura Kelly, was busy taking photos of bride Jocelyne Potvin, groom Patrick Sullivan and their wedding entourage when three dark cars pulled up.  Someone joked that it was the Prime Minister, and the party laughed and went on with the pictorial, when the Prime Minister himself came over, escorted by a security team, and congratulated them and even posed for photos with the wedding party, as well as Laura Kelly.  Kelly even mentioned this whole experience over Twitter.  Don’t you wish all politicians were as cool as this Prime Minister?

Via National Post. via Laura Kelly Photography


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