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Man tries to photograph a beaver…it didn’t end well

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by April 12, 2013 News

Wildlife and nature photography can sometimes mean getting up close with animals to get that shot worthy of a feature in, say, National Geographic. But getting those amazing photos of creatures in their natural habitats come with a risk – and the wrong move can end up deadly.

Most people already know that they should steer clear of deadly predators and huge animals. But it’s worth remembering that even wild animals that seem pretty harmless – like a beaver – should also be treated with the same kind of precaution.

A fisherman in Belarus encountered one such beaver while fishing with friends at Lake Shestakov. The 60-year-old man tried to take a close-up photo of the beaver, but the animal pounced and bit him on the thigh. The bite severed the man’s artery, and his friends couldn’t stop the massive bleeding that followed, leading to his death.

This isn’t the first time beavers have been reported to attack humans. In Russia, an angry beaver attacked a man after he tried to follow the animal with his camera.  A rabid beaver in the Delaware River also attacked humans in 2012.

While beaver attacks on humans are rare, North America’s largest rodent can be very territorial. So while this furry creature, an important Canadian symbol, may seem innocent and harmless, keep in mind that all wild animals are better treated with an extra dose of caution.




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