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Smash that Cake

Be First!

First smile.  First tooth.  First steps.  First word.  First…cake?

While it may not be a developmental milestone mentioned in any parenting books, a baby’s first birthday is a huge event.  It is often when parents will give their baby its first taste of cake.  What better way to capture this experience than with a custom photography session?


Cake smash sessions are the latest craze in children’s photography.  It’s a whimsical, fun, and memorable photo session where babies are placed in front of their first cakes and allowed to go wild.  It is one of the few times in a child’s life where messier is better!  Adventurous babies will dive into it face first while others will have a few licks of their fingers before calling it a day. Either way, their personalities are allowed to shine through and the moments are captured for all to enjoy in the years to come.

From the custom designed sets to the individualized attention and time each family receives before and after their session, a custom cake smash session will provide an experience unlike any you will have at your local shopping mall portrait centre.  From something as simple as a favourite colour to more elaborate themes like a jungle setting, a professional photographer will be able to design a set that reflects your child’s personality. They will even clean up the crumbs after your baby is finished!  Are you ready to book yet?

Article and images via Jessica Nip

Jessica Nip is a boutique maternity, newborn and children’s photographer based in Toronto, Canada.  Her cake smash and other work can be viewed at and she can be reached at


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