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Special deal for pros: get a custom canvas print sample at an amazing price

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You capture vibrant scenes and striking portraits. You’ve taken stunning landscape shots and dramatic still life images. Let them leap out into real life from your computer screen onto custom canvas prints – all the better to have your life’s work displayed in their full splendor.

Enter Canvas 365, a wholesale canvas printing company located in Woodbridge Ontario. Created by photographers for photographers, Canvas365 knows what the pro needs in the industry. What started as a co-op approach to printing, giving access to the highest grade production to fellow photographers, has grown into a business that takes care of your canvas print needs while ensuring exclusive pricing and quality standards.

If you’re wondering why offering custom canvas prints should be part of your business model, consider Google Trends data. Interest in custom canvas prints has skyrocketed, and just last year, they were #1 on the Groupon category.


One of the best things about Canvas 365? It helps ensure you get bigger profits. The prices they offer are discounted and are available to photographers only – making it the perfect partner to your business. By connecting with Canvas 365, you’re skipping middle men and dealing directly with a manufacturer. This translates to bigger margins of profit, allowing you the freedom and flexibility to resell products at competitive rates.

Aside from offering great rates, the quality of their work is hard to top. They use high quality color and image processing equipment and a specially formulated canvas blend for a satin-sheen and natural but even weave. The stretcher frames are custom built out of bass wood that’s stronger than balsa or pine.

The company also begins work on your image within 24 hours of the order being submitted. You’ll have your orders within 7 to 10 days of ordering, all without sacrificing quality.

If you’re ready to take advantage of their amazing services, here’s something else to sweeten the deal: a special offer exclusively for qualifying professional photographers and photo studios only. Get a large 16 x 20 sample for just $5! This amazing deal is a one-time offer. Click here to grab this limited opportunity for the best canvas print in Canada.


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