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Weekend DIY project: the “world’s cutest” pinhole camera

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Here’s the perfect DIY project for an arts and crafts weekend: Viddy, the “world’s cutest” medium format and 35mm pinhole camera.

Created by Pop-Up Pinhole founder Kelly Angood, the colorful kits are up on Kickstarter with an £18,000 goal. With more than 30 days still left in the campaign, the project seems poised to raise the amount soon — the cuteness overload seems to be working.

What is it exactly? It’s a screen printed DIY pinhole camera kit made from cardboard and can load both medium format and 35 mm film. Each camera is die-cut by hand and available in four colors. It’s a perfect little project for kids because it’s virtually kid-friendly. Everything you’ll need to build the camera is included in the kit, alongside instructions and even stickers to personalize the camera. You won’t need a lot of glue so there’s no problem of a messy workspace. Plus, the entire construction process allows kids to learn about how pinhole cameras work, too.


Go from flat cardboard to working camera in 30 minutes, and get ready to take fun images in less than an hour.

If you’ve never used a pinhole camera before, here are the basics you need to know: instead of a lens, this simple camera uses a single small aperture — a pinhole. When light passes through this hole, an image is exposed on the film loaded inside the camera. It’s that simple.

Check out the sample shots from the camera below.

Learn more about Viddy and the Kickstarter campaign by heading over here.




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