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Canadian photographer hikes for weeks to capture Canada’s remote, scenic places

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Those stunning shots of nature’s rugged beauty that take your breath away? Those seem even more stunning when you think about the fact that some extreme adventurer must have hiked all that way to take those photos.

For 23-year-old adventurer and freelance photographer Callum Snape, it’s a way of life.

The Canadian photographer has made it his life’s work to hike for days — even weeks — to get to the most remote places of Canada and capture the Rockies’ frozen beauty.

The grueling trips take a year to plan, and for his series, he spends about six weeks backpacking to get to the most isolated regions of the country.

Despite the difficulty, the results are worth it. Many of his shots feature a solitary human figure standing seemingly in awe of the vastness and beauty of the natural landscape.

Callum says both the destination and the enormous physical effort to get there are the rewards in undertaking the trip.

“The feeling is overwhelming when I reach my destination – the first thing I do is take my hiking pack off and sit there speechless at the view,” he says.

Photo by Callum Snaper; from the Daily Mail

Photo by Callum Snaper; from the Daily Mail

Photo by Callum Snaper; from the Daily Mail

Callum, who describes himself as “an adventurer through and through,” takes the journeys for the adrenaline rush, the creative impetus, and the sum total of all his passions and interests.

“I have a thirst for knowledge of the great outdoors and learn by climbing the highest summits, descending the lowest canyons, exploring the coldest, most surreal locations that the Canadian Rockies have to offer.”

“A rush of accomplishment, satisfaction, adrenaline and awe takes over and all my body pain and worries disappear instantly,” he adds.


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