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Frozen bubbles under lake captured in amazing detail by Canadian photographer

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Ever wondered what frozen bubbles looked like? One Canadian photographer managed to get these shots – now going viral – of frozen bubbles under a lake in Alberta.

Photographer Paul Zizka captured shots of these bubbles in impressive detail during a trip to Lake Minnewanka in Banff.

News agency CBC said the bubbles are composed of methane gas, a byproduct of matter decaying below the lake. If temperatures plunge, the gas freezes, forming the bubbles.

“The trapped methane covers a huge portion of the lake in that area. The bubbles come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and some appear to be trapped in dozens of different layers of ice as they migrate upward – amazing sight,” Zizka wrote on his Facebook page.

He added that these were the “finest, most extensive methane bubbles I’ve ever seen at the far end of the lake.”



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Paul Zizka

Paul Zizka: Facebook



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