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Pocket Skater 2 adds flair to your videos with the perfect dolly shots

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by April 6, 2015 Deals, Gear

Here’s an easy way to add a bit of flair to your video shots, and make them look polished, professional and well, just plain cool.

Enter the new Pocket Skater 2 – the world’s most flexible fully featured camera skater that’s small and light enough to fit in your pocket.

The Pocket Skater is extremely versatile, able to adjust to the precise angle that you need for your shots. It has 3 wheels that easily fold out and extend. Want to change the angle of the curve? Simply adjust the 2 front wheels, and you’re all set.

With the Pocket Skater, you can have a minimalist shoot with not a lot of equipment weighing you down. You won’t need to bring a tripod head, because Pocket Skater comes with a built in FlexTilt head that allows you the freedom to shift the center of gravity and adjust angle, height and rotation.

Working in tight spaces, with not much room to mount your camera? Whip out your smartphone and mount it on Pocket Skater – it’s smart phone ready, so you can take great videos with your phone and easily share it on your social networks.

What gives Pocket Skater a distinct advantage is its lightness, making it the perfect companion for travels and shoots.

When folded, the Pocket Skater 2 measures 2.1 x 5 x 1.8 in, weighing 1 lb and able to carry up to 5.5 lbs.

Its CNC machined aluminum construction with delrin components, and the stainless steel screws and rubber wheel rings ensure that this lightweight but hardworking device can keep up with all your fun and adventurous photoshoots.

Imagine the possibilities: you can add dramatic flair to your usual interview shots, or add some jazz to product shots. Use it to shoot fun music videos or to show off your travel shots. Whatever the occasion, it’s sure to benefit from some sleek, perfect dolly in and out shots, courtesy of edelkrone, the innovation company merging filmmaking passion with advanced engineering.

Watch it in action below.

The Pocket Skater 2 is available for $289.99. Get it now at


Pocket Skater 2


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