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Lake Erie’s “liquid mountains” captured on camera

Lake Erie’s “liquid mountains” captured on camera

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by December 11, 2015 Photographers, Photos

Longtime sports photographer Dave Sandford has captured stunning images of Lake Erie, the 4th largest of the 5 Great Lakes in North America.

But his photos aren’t your ordinary images of bodies of water. His photos have managed to capture the sheer force and power of the lake, showing “liquid mountains” rising up from it.

Sandford, who admits to being fascinated with water, spent some time from mid-October to December capturing this awe-inspiring phenomenon happening in the backyard of his hometown of London, Ont., Canada.

“I chose to focus on Erie at a time of year when the Great Lakes can act more like oceans than lakes. With warm sunny beach days behind us, it is some of Autumn’s dark, cold and windy days that transform the Great Lakes into wickedly wild and treacherous bodies of water,” he wrote in a blog post.

Lake Erie is the shallowest of the Great Lakes, making it especially vulnerable to fluctuating water levels. And Sandford’s images managed to capture this: fierce waves rising up unexpectedly, the lake projecting its raw and true power.

In his blog post, Sandford posted photos of these “liquid mountains,” and a brief rumination of why he’s fascinated with the lake. The shots were taken with Canon gear, 1Dx body, 400mm and 70-200mm lenses, during the month of November on the north shore of Lake Erie.

“It’s days like these, when Erie comes alive, showing its true power. These are the days I can’t wait to get to the lake and create images!” Sandford wrote.

His blog post and photos have gone viral, drawing more than 500,000 page views and thousands of likes on his Instagram page.

Check out more of Sandford’s work on Facebook and Instagram.



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