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Introducing “the rest of us”: Samsung ad celebrates YouTube creators with Casey Neistat

Introducing “the rest of us”: Samsung ad celebrates YouTube creators with Casey Neistat

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by February 28, 2017 News

Our friends down south had an awards show last night, celebrating the biggest stars in Hollywood. The Academy Awards is one of the biggest, most anticipated shows in the film industry, as A-listers take to the red carpet, and up-and-coming actors and actresses take their turn under the spotlight.

But we now live in a time where anyone can reach an audience and be known for what they create. All you really need? A camera phone, a YouTube account, and some creativity and guts.

We’re big fans of New York-based YouTube personality Casey Neistat, a filmmaker who’s made a name for himself on the popular video sharing website. He’s got more than 6.7 million followers on YouTube, and he’s known as the creator of the HBO series The Neistat Brothers.

But while Neistat has certainly made it big, he knows that independent YouTube creators are where the next generation’s storytellers will surface – and it’s about time someone paid attention to them.

“In the 2017 Academy Awards, they will be celebrating exactly this many YouTubers,” Neistat says in a video, before holding up a cardboard sign that says “Zero.”

Neistat has partnered with tech giant Samsung to create a one-minute advert that airs during the Academy Awards ceremony. The ad shows Neistat walking out onto a parking lot, up towards a microphone, and beginning his monologue by saying: “Allow me to introduce the rest of us.”


In between snippets of videos showing content creators doing what they do with just their phone cameras, Neistat continues:

We’re the makers, the directors, the creators of this generation. We don’t have big awards shows, or huge budgets or fancy cameras, but what we do have are our phones, and duct tape, and parking lots and guts.

And we have ideas we need to share. We know it’s not the size of the production that matters, but what you make. We don’t create because we have to, we create because we love to. And we capture billions of moments, from different angles, for different reasons, for millions of viewers, but with one thing in common.

When we’re told that we can’t, we all have the same answer: Watch me.

The ad ends with these words displayed on screen: “Do what you can’t.”

It’s a wonderful move for both a tech giant and a YouTube personality to partner up and highlight the contributions of independent content creators. Aside from creating the smartphones and the technology that makes content creation easy, Samsung has also shown that it supports the creative use of its devices, showing the real, positive impact of allowing creativity to flourish.

Check out a behind-the-scenes video on the making of Neistat’s Samsung commercial.





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