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Canadian photographer is part of global campaign testing the iPhone 7’s low-light camera

Canadian photographer is part of global campaign testing the iPhone 7’s low-light camera

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Benjamin Plouffe only started getting into photography around 3 years ago, but the Canadian-born art director for animation has already gotten attention for his visual style.

In November last year, Plouffe got the opportunity to take part in Apple’s annual “Shot on iPhone” campaign, joining other professional photographers around the globe tapped to showcase the low-light capabilities on the iPhone 7.

Plouffe, who now lives in South Korea, decided to take the nighttime shoot out to the rural areas, in an effort to stand out from the other photographers who shot mostly in urban landscapes.

Armed with the iPhone 7, Plouffe set out for an overnight shoot in different rural areas close to Daejeon. Even with low-light conditions, the phone’s larger f/1.8 aperture allowed up to 50% more light onto the camera sensor, and optical image stabilization helped reduce motion blur and handshake.

A sensor also helps the lens counteract movement, allowing for up to three-times-longer exposure compared to the iPhone 6s.

Initially, Plouffe had a list of shots he wanted to take for his nighttime shoot, but had to adopt a “run and gun” approach because of the weather.

“I did have a lot of specific shots I wanted to take but the weather was not on my side that night. A huge cloud of dust and fog set in pretty much right after sunset and it stayed there until after sunrise,” he tells MobileSyrup.

Still, Plouffe managed to work his creative magic and used the fog to create atmosphere in his photos featuring his wife and dog. His background in animation storytelling and the influence of movie cinematography was also evident in his style.

The shoot may have deviated from his original plans, but Plouffe says he’s happy with the results.

“I came away with pictures that had a more intimate feeling than I normally take,” he says.

Check out more of Plouffe’s photography work here and animation art on his Instagram.




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