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Call for applications: Canadian Photography Institute launches Research Fellowship Program

Call for applications: Canadian Photography Institute launches Research Fellowship Program

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by March 10, 2017 News

Are you a photography historian, curator, conservator or critic interested in expanding your knowledge in the field and undertaking important research work? Or perhaps you’re working in the visual arts, museology or other related disciplines?

The Canadian Photography Institute has launched its Research Fellowship Program for 2017, which aims to encourage and support advanced research in the study of the history and criticism of photography.

The program is open to photography specialists in Canada and from around the world. Deadline for applications is on March 31, 2017.

The fellowship will involve full-time residencies at the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa. Successful applicants will be awarded up to $10,000 CAD, including expenses and stipend, depending on the nature of the research proposal. They will also have access to conservation laboratories, exhibition space, and library resources, as well as curators and collections managers in the course of their research work.

Fellowships must emphasize the use and investigation of the collections of the Canadian Photography Institute. Applicants should be able to send proposals explaining the aims, methodology and anticipated results of their investigation; an outline of research materials and facilities required; proposed dates and timetable of their residency; and an outline of projected costs, among others.

Members from the Institute, the National Gallery of Canada, and external jurors will comprise the review committee to assess the research proposals.

“One of the Institute’s main priorities is to support research on photography and its history in Cananda…We are determined to foster diverse uses and explorations of our photography collections,” says Luce Lebart, director of the Canadian Photography Institute.

For more information on the fellowships, visit or contact the Institute’s executive assistant, Louise Chénier, at




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