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Curious to see what horses look like from below? This photographer finds out

Curious to see what horses look like from below? This photographer finds out

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by March 16, 2017 Photographers

Photographers go to great lengths to get creative, and to take pictures from an angle and perspective that’s never been seen before. Lithuanian photographer Andrius Burba had a crazy idea for a photo project – and it turned out to be his most difficult photoshoot to date.

The project? Take photos of a horse from underneath. Everyone’s seen amazing photos of horses galloping gracefully, but have you ever seen what the animal looks like from below?

Well, thanks to Burba’s curiosity, we get to find out. He’s actually done this before with his “Underlook” project featuring photos of cats, dogs, and rabbits from below, but horses are a bigger challenge – both literally, and in terms of the planning it took.

His “Under-Horse Project” took over two months of planning and coordination, with more than 40 people working to build the makeshift studio and the preparations.

First, the team found a horse-friendly environment to dig a large hole 3 meters into the ground. He then placed his camera into the hole, covering it with 400 kg pane of ultra-strong glass, enough to hold the weight of a 600 kg horse.

To prevent the horses’ hooves from scratching on the grass, the team even got them to wear custom rubber horse shoes.

Using a Nikon D810, Nikon 35mm f/1.4, and 4 Profoto Prohead Plus flashes, Burba ended up with these cool shots. Ever wondered how horses look like from below? Now we know.

Check out a behind-the-scenes look in the making of this photoshoot, and more of Burba’s work on his website and Facebook.




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