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Meet the photographer documenting Toronto’s famous queer party Yes Yes Y’All

Meet the photographer documenting Toronto’s famous queer party Yes Yes Y’All

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by March 17, 2017 Photographers

Yannick Anton hadn’t done party photography before when he walked into Yes Yes Y’All to document what goes on in Toronto’s famous queer party. His first time at a queer party turned out to be quite a turning point for him; as he danced and shot hundreds of photos, he learned how to interact with people to get portraits that reflected their personas in the most real, honest way possible.

For the past 7 years, Anton has been documenting the monthly dancehall party that’s become well-regarded for its emphasis on inclusivity. And the event’s reputation was also helped by Anton’s photographs, which capture the energy and vibe of the partygoers – uninhibited, in the moment, doing whatever they want, no pretensions.

His work has also been an eye-opener for him, as he was constantly exposed to the different personalities who come to the party every month. His photos have evolved from being just party photos into a social documentary of the LGBT community, of which he was privileged to be trusted to interact up close.

“The trust I’m given to document such a free and inclusive space is an honor and, in exchange, what I’ve learned about the LGBTI community has opened my eyes to the beauty of humans,” he says in an interview with The Fader.

Aside from being able to deeply appreciate all kinds of people, Anton also says that he’s also having fun while working, and that helps in the creative process.

“If I were walking around all serious in work mode, the photos wouldn’t be what they are. They’d be stagnant. Because I’m in it as well, the energy I give is the energy I get back, and vice versa. That’s what makes the moment,” he says in an interview with Now Toronto.

Anton is currently working on a series of photo books based on his portfolio. Check out more of his work on his website, and read the full interview on Now Toronto.


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