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Canadian photographer defiant over naked mannequin photo series

Canadian photographer defiant over naked mannequin photo series

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by March 21, 2017 News, Photographers

Canadian photographer Julia Busato isn’t letting a Facebook ban stop her from continuing with her photo series celebrating body positivity.

The 46-year-old photographer’s photos of naked women posing behind a mannequin has gotten criticism from some Facebook users, who reported Busato’s page and flagged her pictures as inappropriate to the social media website.

But despite being banned from posting on Facebook for 30 days, Busato remains defiant.

She says that her “Naked Mannequin” series aims to celebrate the true form of the female body, showcasing women of different shapes and sizes, those who feel like they don’t conform with society’s image of an ideal female body.

“It’s about being positive about being a woman and everything life throws at us,” she says.

Busato began the project a year ago, when a friend gave her a mannequin found at a secondhand store.

Her “mannequin series” features models posing with the mannequin, with some even getting creative and writing or drawing on the mannequin.

But despite the positive message that she wants to send out through the series, some have responded to it with negative comments.

Busato says that her page was hit by a “spate in malicious reporting” that has not only affected her source of livelihood, but is also a form of bullying.

“It is abusing a system that Facebook themselves are complicit in allowing. It is gaming the system for your own good,” she wrote in a post.

“But messing with a person’s financial security isn’t cool and you should be ashamed of yourself if you do. Don’t be abusive. It will come back to you, and it will come back harder,” she added.

Despite the ban and the surrounding controversy, Busato says she won’t stop with the project.

“Women are standing up for each other and supporting each other. The series is being shared all over the world and that brings me so much joy,” she says.

“The positivity is outweighing the negativity and bringing society’s stigmas to the forefront to be faced head on…I just want women to love themselves unconditionally because we are all beautiful in our own ways.”




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