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Praying polar bear? Photographer captures surprising image of wild animal

Praying polar bear? Photographer captures surprising image of wild animal

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by April 3, 2017 Photos

Photographer Jessica Andrews has had an encounter with a wild animal she won’t easily forget.

The 22-year-old Wesleyville photographer has fired up social media in recent days for her amazing shot of a polar bear clambering up a hill and stopping in front of a white cross – and, surprisingly, appearing to be in prayer.

Andrews, owner of Ocean View Photography, said she had heard warnings about the wild animal roaming the area, but didn’t think she’d be able to spot it roaming around an island outside her window. But she decided to test her luck, grabbed her binoculars, and scanned the area to see if the bear was anywhere in sight.

When the animal came in to view, Andrews said she was shocked. Then she quickly grabbed her camera and spent around 2 hours watching the bear and firing off about 200 snaps.

It wasn’t until she began reviewing her photos that she came upon the picture that would later go viral: an image of the bear putting its paw on the cross and looking up, as if in prayer.

While her photos have gone viral, Andrews says her only regret was that she didn’t have the proper lens to capture a better image of the animal up close.

“The picture would have come out beautiful,” she told CBC News.

She also revealed her favorite photo among the images – and it’s not the prayerful pose.

“My favorite one is the one where he stood up, with his paw on the cross, looking straight at me.”



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