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On art and finding community online, through the lens of photographer Petra Collins

On art and finding community online, through the lens of photographer Petra Collins

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by April 18, 2017 Photographers

Toronto-born photographer Petra Collins, 24, traces her photography career to the digital world. At 15, she entered the art world, interested in storytelling through the visual medium.

The young Canadian artist, who has worked with renowned fashion brands like Gucci and Stella McCartney, says in an interview with the South China Morning Post that getting into art was her outlet to express herself and communicate to the world.

“I was interested in film and photography, as it was the easiest and fastest way to get a story told. My generation is all digital, and I feel that film is important because it’s so tactile. There’s this process you have to go through to create it, which is why I gravitated towards it,” she says.

I-D Spring 2016. Copyright Petra Collins

Vogue ME. Copyright Petra Collins

Vogue ME China. Copyright Petra Collins

Collins is known for her works that attempt to show a different view of women. She describes feminism as a lens with which she sees the world, instead of merely a promotional tool. It was on the internet that she found this space and platform to express her unique voice – it was through her Instagram that Collins was discovered by many.

“The internet has given us opportunities. Social media is a part of me so I can directly connect to my audience, speak to them and get constructive criticism. I grew up on Facebook, it’s a different realm I live in,” she says.

Read more on Collins’ thoughts on art and fashion in the SCMP interview.


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