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Canadian photographer calls attention to South Sudan humanitarian crisis

Canadian photographer calls attention to South Sudan humanitarian crisis

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by May 14, 2017 Photographers

Quebec-born Renaud Philippe has covered humanitarian crises, disasters, and strife-torn areas in his work as an independent photojournalist. He’s traveled to Haiti, Kenya, Tunisia, Nepal, and Thailand, among many others. He’s covered and photographed the people in desperate need of global attention and help – but the situation he’s witnessed in South Sudan may just get even worse.

Forced to flee their homes to escape the violence, many in South Sudan now face the horrifying prospect of starvation – it’s estimated that 100,000 may be affected, according to UN agencies.

But if nothing is done to help resolve the food crisis, as much as 5.5 million may be on the brink of famine by mid-summer.

Philippe was on assignment in South Sudan for the Humanitarian Coalition, an umbrella group of 7 Canadian aid groups. While visiting a remote area in Unity State, he has seen first hand the difficult situation that thousands of internally displaced people now face.

While local communities are trying to help the refugees, the resources too are limited.

(c) Renaud Philippe

“Because of the rainy season no more planes will be able to land in this area, only choppers, which is a lot more expensive than planes…So all the international aid provided in this area will be compromised,” he told Radio Canada International.

“It’s now that we need to do something because the rainy season is coming and it will only become worse and worse,” he added.

To lend assistance, Canadians can donate money to international aid groups providing relief help to South Sudan refugees.


Radio Canada International


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