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Canadian photographer’s swirling Milky Way photos create Internet buzz

Canadian photographer’s swirling Milky Way photos create Internet buzz

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by May 17, 2017 Photos

British Columbia photographer Christian Sasse loves to find patterns in nature. And during a trip to the Australian wilderness last month, he focused his lens up to the nighttime sky, creating a series of photos that have now gone viral.

Using a time-lapse camera and photo-editing software, Sasse layered a series of photos of the Milky Way, taken 50 minutes apart. The result: a beautiful photo of the Milky Way, seemingly twisting itself into a spiral, a swirl of stars amid an explosion of color and light.

The photo has since gone viral online, getting picked up by various news outlets as well as National Geographic. British scientist Brian Cox also took notice of the photo, sharing it to his followers on Twitter.

(c) Christian Sasse

(c) Christian Sasse

(c) Christian Sasse

Speaking to National Geographic, Sasse, who has a doctorate in optics, explains more about his love of patterns.

“I have a fascination with light patterns in nature – iridescence of birds and fish, feather structure of eagles, anything that changes with small angles such as diffraction and reflection,” he says.

“When you look up to the zenith you see this incredible three-dimensional Milky Way with light, with its dust cloud sticking out like that, and I wanted to capture that,” he tells CTV News.


National Geographic

CTV News


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