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Canadian Photography Institute awards fellowships for history of photography research

Canadian Photography Institute awards fellowships for history of photography research

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by June 29, 2017 News

Five new researchers-in-residence will be hosted by the Canadian Photography Institute, as it announced the recipients of its 2017 Research Fellowship Program.

The 5 fellows were selected from a pool of candidates with diverse backgrounds, such as history, philosophy, visual arts, sociology, and film and television studies.

The awarded fellowships aim to contribute to the history of photography research and encourage a range of approaches to photography.

The Institute’s director, Luce Lebart, said a multitude of views and the interaction and exchange of these views will greatly contribute to the scholarly research on photography.

“Sharing the Institute’s outstanding collection is our mission, and we have high hopes for the new relationships that will be established with photographic communities and communities in other disciplines in Canada and around the world,” he added.

The 5 researchers-in-residence and their fields of research are:

– Art historian Michael Blum, who will study the role of photography in the National Film Board of Canada’s efforts to build a Canadian identity

– Doctoral student Madalena Kozachuk, who will focus on the Institute’s collection of daguerrotypes for her conservation-restoration research

– Doctoral student Sophie Guignard, who will examine the archives of the exhibition Steeling the Gaze: Portraits by Aboriginal Artists

– Researcher and lecturer Serge Allaire, who will compile bibliographies of photobooks from the National Gallery of Canada library

– Researcher and senior lecturer Paul-Louis Roubert, who will study a specific period of the history of the Institute’s collection, focusing on the acquisition of French “primitive” photographs from 1964 to 1984

Meanwhile, the Canadian Photography Institute is set to launch its call for applications for research fellowships in October 2017.



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