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Jimmy Ung’s cultural photography tour of Canada on two wheels

Jimmy Ung’s cultural photography tour of Canada on two wheels

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by July 1, 2017 Photos

Motorcyclist and Montreal-based photographer Jimmy Ung describes himself as a “cultural explorer” who turns to his lens as a tool to enrich his knowledge of different cultures and the people living them.

To mark Canada’s 150th birthday, Ung is turning his motorcycle – and his camera – towards the country, as he continues his 150-day journey to interview and photography 150 people on his travels across Canada.

This, he says, is also an homage to the rich cultural diversity in Canada.

“We have people from all around the world here, and I think it’s important as we celebrate 150 years, to take a moment to reflect on what it means to be a diverse country in the world today,” he says on

The project, dubbed Moto Canada 150, aims to “gather stories about how Canadians relate to their culture and identity.”

Ung had done this sort of trip before, in 2014, when he travelled by motorcycle from Montreal to the southern tip of Argentina.

Now he wants to do the northern part of his crowdfunded project, beginning his trip in Nunavut.

Jimmy Ung’s Facebook photo: “Iqaluit last night at midnight. The sun sets around 11pm.. and then rises again around 2am, so the sky remains bright all 24 hours round! Here, you truly realize how the Earth is dependant on the Sun for its identity.”

As in his previous trip, he’ll be photographing and interviewing locals and asking them to take a photo of something meaningful to them.

Ung says having photos taken from the perspective of locals adds a richness and depth to the project.

“The most interesting thing is learning and seeing from the perspective of the people that we meet,” he says.

The interviews also aim to highlight the unique perspectives and life experiences of Canadians hailing from various backgrounds.



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