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The most “Canadian” photo? Storm chaser’s shot is his ‘bucket list’ photo

The most “Canadian” photo? Storm chaser’s shot is his ‘bucket list’ photo

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by July 4, 2017 Photos

Saskatchewan storm chaser Ryan Wünsch has been taking photos of storms since 2012, but it wasn’t until several years later that he got what could possibly be described as the most “Canadian” photo taken in storm photography.

On the year Canada celebrates its 150th year, Wünsch managed to capture what he calls a bucket list shot: a stunning photo of a lightning bolt, set with an an image of a grain elevator in the foreground, swirling clouds of light blue and pink in the background.

This combination of elements make Wünsch’s capture a slice of life of quintessential Canada: a perfect capture of a Prairie storm fuelling a lightning bolt in Leader, Saskatchewan, along with one of several remaining grain elevators, an emblem on Canada’s prairies.

Wünsch says he just got “really lucky” with the capture, since at the time, he had previously tried to get a lightning picture when he was in Tornado Alley.

The thrill of the chase hasn’t faded for Wünsch, who chases storms across the prairies in Canada. Summer storms and prairie landscapes are among some of his favorite subjects to photograph, as he waits for interesting clouds and the right light to end up with the spirit and beauty of the prairies.

While he enjoys the chase, he’s gotten a lot better in safely planning for storm photography. He’s learned and researched about storm chasing to safely capture stunning shots of supercells, one of his favorite subjects. And he hasn’t stopped learning.

“The better I can be at forecasting, the better chance I have to be set up, to be ready, to have a glass of water, and to not be trying to catch the storm that’s already in progress,” he says.

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