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Tribute to Montreal: Photographer puts up portraits in bus shelter exhibit

Tribute to Montreal: Photographer puts up portraits in bus shelter exhibit

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by July 21, 2017 Photos

Montreal-based photographer Monic Richard wanted to pay tribute to the city’s residents and feature inspiring Montrealers in her portrait series. And she thought of a creative way to do that: by bringing the exhibit close to the people, right at the places that are part of their everyday lives.

In the project Montréalais inspirants, Richard chose 14 portraits that will be displayed from July 24 to August 7 in more than 200 STM bus shelters.

Portraits of renowned individuals like Oliver Jones, Leonard Cohen, Kim Thúy and Iona Monahan will be displayed on the shelters, with the help of Quebecor Media, which owns the ad space.

(c) Monic Richard

(c) Monic Richard

In an interview with the Montreal Gazette, Richard said she was inspired to create the project because it was the city’s 375th anniversary, and she wanted to create an exhibit that would be accessible to the people.

“If you want, you can stop and take the time you want, and you don’t have to go to a special place to see them. It gives the opportunity to know the people you’ve never…heard of (and) learn about them,” she said.

She also hopes that the project will inspire other artists to get creative.

“For Montreal, I think it will give a tribute to everyone in those portraits. They made a difference for Montreal. I’m sure it will be really inspiring for other artists,” she said.


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