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Cairns travel writer, Canadian photographer join global social media campaign

Cairns travel writer, Canadian photographer join global social media campaign

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by August 1, 2017 News

Canadian photographer David Hartman and Cairns-based travel writer Fiona Harper will be fronting a global social media campaign called Mobile Living Traveler, where they will be sharing their adventures around the world.

The couple met online, when Harper posted an ad for a “plus one” for her adventures. Hartman answered the ad from his yacht in Fiji, and the two eventually chatted online before meeting up in real life.

The two are now the creative team behind Travel Boating Lifestyle, where they publish stories and photos about their travels.

Harper, an Australian travel writer, began Travel Boating Lifestyle in 2008 as a platform to publish her stories. Hartman, meanwhile, is a Canadian immigrant and skilled photojournalist with 30 years behind the lens. His images have been published in various publications, and his work encompassed documentary photography, focusing his camera on indigenous Canadians, refugees and immigrants.

“As storytellers, David and I are passionate about tracking down interesting stories and capturing wonderful photos from our travels. We’re excited to share our adventures with a global audience of enthusiastic travellers, and hope that our stories encourage curiosity about our planet, ultimately enticing others to travel,” Harper said.

Hartman and Harper are among 10 travellers chosen by travel company Dometic for the year-long campaign. Their images, videos, and stories will be promoted to Dometic’s 150,000 social media followers.

The couple is based on their yacht currently in Fiji, living a mobile lifestyle afloat. They will be sailing the South Pacific before transfering to a 4WD vehicle to continue their travels in Australia. They plan to spend the year with 6 months onboard the yacht and 6 months travelling by land.

“I’m thrilled with this unique opportunity to share with a worldwide audience the excitement and wonder that we have for the world, through our images and stories of people and their cultures,” Hartman said.


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