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The weird and wonderful: Toronto photographer travels the world to shoot unique toilets

The weird and wonderful: Toronto photographer travels the world to shoot unique toilets

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by August 13, 2017 Photographers

Toronto photographer Dan Schumann has an unusual photographic interest: capturing snaps of the weird, crazy, and unique toilets of the world.

It all began back in 2011, when Schumann posted a stylized photo of a toilet on Instagram. Since then, he’s taken hundreds of photos – and travelled to several cities – to document some of the most interesting bathrooms around the world.

His Instagram account toilography now has more than 6,200 followers, and he’s even made a dedicated website for his project: Toilography, which he defines as an “appreciation of the restroom through the viewfinder.”

Some of the places he’s been to: Seoul, South Korea; New York, USA; Tokyo, Japan; Santiago, Chile; and Townsville, Australia, just to name a few. Some of his recent toilet snaps were based in Toronto and Montreal in Canada..

Some of his interesting finds: a fully-functional 18 karat gold throne at the Guggenheim Museum in New York; a glow in the dark toilet in Toronto; a colorful, graffiti-filled bathroom in Montreal. His Instagram feed also features a toilet with a reference to the Harry Potter series and McDonald’s.

“The whole experience has left me with a newfound respect for the restroom. I can pretty much find something unique in every bathroom I enter now, such as an interesting color scheme, feature, or sign on the wall,” Schumann says on his website.

“I encourage you to look at the lavatory with new eyes. Get out your smartphone and snap away at any WC you pass that offers a particular point of interest. Then post it to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr, tag it with #toilet and you might be surprised at how many people like it,” Schumann says.


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